Chapter 2- Curiosity About Action

June 29, 2015

Krishn says in the same way that he has two kinds of devotees. There is first the follower of the Way of Knowledge (gyan margi).Secondly, there is the follower of the Way of Devotion (bhakt imargi). The man of devotion or doer of selfless action finds refuge in God and proceeds on his chosen path with total dependence on his grace. Possessed of confidence in his own strength, on the contrary, the man of discrimination goes along his way after making a proper evaluation of his own ability, as well as of the profit and loss in the enterprise. But the two have a common goal and the same enemies. Not only the man of discrimination, but also the man of devotion has to overcome the same adversaries, namely, anger, desire, and other impieties.Both of them have to renounce desire; and the action, too, that has to be performed under both the disciplines is one and the same.

Chapter 3- Urging the Enemy’s Destruction

July 1, 2015

Yogeshwar Krishn mentioned action in Chapter 2, and his elaboration of its significance created a reverent attitude towards the subject. In the present chapter Krishn has defined action as the conduct of yagya. It is certain that yagya is the ordained mode. Whatever else is done by men, besides this, is one form or another of worldly servitude. It will be affirmed in Chapter 4 that conduct of yagya is the action which effects freedom from the material world.